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ASTRAMLINE Shin-Hakushima Station, Hiroshima

Back in 2010, Kazuhiro Kojima and Kazuko Akamatsu won the competition to design a new station in Hiroshima. The two architects belong to Coelacanth and Associates, a Tokyo based architecture firm. Their winning scheme offers a cylindrical curve structure with a playful composition of skylights on the building’s skin.

The Shin-Hakushima is basically a small station. Therefore, the space requirement and user-flow are not as complicated as that of a bigstation. The design concept itself is to build a small station with less environmental impacts, low maintenance, and user-friendly. In the practice, the building does not need too much artificial lights since the daylight could penetrate even into the basement level through the skylights. In the night-time, the bright-white color of the building reflects the city lights and becomes very attractive as well as creating a sense of a safe place for users.

The uniquness of the building is the statement of the era, a declaration of the new wave of modernisation that is now happening in Japan.


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