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Hiroshima Airport Bicycle Hub

Recently, the department in charge of tourism in Hiroshima Prefecture is trying to promote the cycling tour in Shimanami Kaido.  In order to give convenient access and service for all cyclists, Hiroshima Airport just launched a so-called Hiroshima Airport Bicycle Hub in late August 2016. Bicycle Hub is a small space located in front of the international arrival gate that consists of bicycle assembly space, changing room, repair station, etc. Bicycle parking is not permitted in this space.

My friends and I would like to see this facility. So, we went for a cycling trip to Hiroshima Airport. We completed a 25-km route from our place to the airport in 1.5 hours (the return trip was accomplished nearly in the same duration). Before going to the Bicycle Hub,  we visited Sankeien Garden first. It is a beautiful garden located near the airport.

After visiting the garden, we took a look at the Bicycle Hub. We give a brief look at the facility as shown in the video below:

So, what do you think about this facility? Does the airport in your city also have this kind of facility?

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